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In 2012 wordt er weer een International Meteor Congres georganiseerd. Dit maal zal de bijeenkomst plaatsvinden op La Palma, een van de canarische eilanden. Hieronder vindt u de engelse aankondiging.

The 31st IMC will be organized on the island La Palma of the Canary archipelago, Spain, from 20 to 23 September 2012. The standard IMC fee is set unchanged at 155 EUR. The local organisation is coordinated by Gabriela and Ovidiu Vaduvescu and further supported by an international team (Geert Barentsen, Felix Bettonvil, Valentin Grigore, José Madiedo, Francisco Ocaña González, Paul Roggemans and Casper ter Kuile) and the local officials Ana Castaneda and Carlos Fernandez representing the local “Cabildo Insular” authorities sponsoring the event.

The exceptional location of the 2012 IMC offers plenty of extra’s to the IMC as brainstorming forum for meteor observers, researchers and theoreticians:

  • This IMC precedes the 2012 EPSC which will be organized from 24 till 28 September in Madrid, Spain, on the way home from La Palma for most participants offering both amateurs and professional astronomers the possibility to optimize travelling efforts and costs to attend both the IMC and EPSC. See also
  • A holiday package of 4 days will be offered by the Local Organizing Committee preferably prior to the IMC2012 conference. Any other requests for extra days will be treated with pleasure, just let the LOC know about this in advance;
  • New moon on 16 September offers plenty of observing opportunity under the fabulous sky of the Canary Islands;
  • The possibility is offered to have workshops prior to the IMC at the same favourable conditions of the IMC;
  • The IMC excursion will include a visit to the three largest telescopes of the “Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory” (ORM), offering participants the chance to visit the “Gran Telescopio de Canarias” (GTC), actually the largest optical telescope worldwide. Furthermore, a visit is planned at the famous Caldera de Taburiente getting on the edge of the caldera overlooked by the above mentioned observatories;

Travelling costs to La Palma are slightly more expensive for many IMC participants than for past IMCs. So, the faster you register the better for getting the best fee for a non-stop flight Madrid – La Palma, round trip! If we would be able to know as fast as possible the number of the participants and the countries/capital/town where the people come from to La Palma, we would have a very good chance to get a very convenient price for the flight Madrid – La Palma. Even, if we would know approximated the number of potential participants and their respective countries of departure, it would be a huge help in getting the best flight offers.

More information will be made available via this website, or can be obtained

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